Strategic Partnership with Focus Imaging 1

 Strategic Partnership with Focus Imaging


Strategic Partnership with Focus Imaging

Today, we’re pleased to announce that strategic partnerships are formed between Focus Imaging Limited and MMCL.

Focus Imaging ( is a pioneer in the VDP industry and a leading Digital Marketing expert in the Greater China. Being a full-service Digital Marketing specialist, Focus Imaging can provide all kinds of personalized Variable Data Publishing (VDP) products and services, including variable hangtags, with its powerful self-developed workable imaging engine. MMCL and Focus Imaging will work together and utilize our own strengths to provide Variable Hangtag Printings to customers.


Launch of Revamped Website with a Brand-new Image

MMCL is proud to announce that the Website has been successfully revamped and launched today, with an aim to dedicate a refreshing image to customers.

The new Website will continue to provide useful information on the Hangtag Printing Services, and with an innovative printing technology – Variable Hangtag printing (VDP) – introduced to customers. Two powerful website features, ‘Product Preview’ and ‘Job Tracking System’, are specially imported to achieve better communications with customers and facilitate its services in speed and quality.

Check out the Website Now!