VDP stands for Variable Data Publishing. It can be used as a data-driven printing technology to automate the production of customized materials to your customers. Traditionally, 10,000 prototypes of the same product are produced for 10,000 customers. Instead, VDP enables mass customization producing 10,000 different sets of products to 10,000 customers. Every customer would receive a product unique to that customer. VDP incorporates variable customer data with flexible contents and scalable images to produce personalized products to every single individual.

VDP makes you more profitable in the competitive market…
In today's hangtag printing business, how can you stand out from the many competitors of the industry? Instead of entering into price war or sacrificing your products quality, you can try to differentiate your seemingly regular products. If you just keep provide the same products of what others doing, you may gradually lose your businesses and being hard to find new ones. VDP technology can offer you a new form of printing, making your hangtag products variable. It makes use of customer database to generate variable hangtags, as well as stickers, on-the-fly. Each printed product is made based on the variable data (both in text and graphic).

VDP helps you retain existing customers & attract new businesses…
Uniqueness creates a sense of respect. Your customer would feel valued if each of them is treated as a special and unique individual. VDP technology can bring you variable, personalized and customer-oriented products. When your customers receive sincere and personal products, they would be more likely to communicate, respond and react. An increasing number of manufacturers and corporations are now using such kind of customized production strategy to achieve extraordinary performances in leads acquisition, sales increase, or customer loyalty. VDP products can establish a better brand image and maintain a closer relationship with existing customers. The personalization and customization of VDP products also make it easier to target and attract potential customers.

With the flexibility and scalability of VDP, you can apply the technology to various situations. Variable Hangtag Printing is one of the successful examples. In traditional hangtag printing, the garment manufacturers have to order tons of fixed-template hang tags which will be beyond their needs. In variable hangtag printing, instead of producing 100,000 exactly the same hangtags, 100,000 unique hangtags are produced; each of them are with different colors, sizes, prices or even images. Each of the hangtag printing products can be tailor-made based on your requirements. Not only variable hang tags, but you can also produce variable stickers. With VDP technology, you can provide your clients with variable and unique apparel packaging.

Variable printing makes MMCL different from other hangtag printing providers in the industry. In addition to traditional hangtag printings, MMCL is specialized in the value-added Variable Hangtag printings (VDP) which can offer unique color, size and pattern hangtag printings for our customers to choose from. MMCL owns some of the most sophisticated and fastest hangtag printing machines in the world to handle mass VDP hangtag printing in an efficient manner.