Multi Merchandise Co., Ltd (MMCL) is a leading hang tag printing provider in Hong Kong. MMCL specializes in providing products and services of Hangtag, Woven Label, Printed Label, Content Label and Sticker.

Started off as a trading company dedicating in garment accessories business, MMCL had soon grown into a manufacturer in producing a variety of products. With its world class manufacturing facilities and equipment, MMCL has concentrated on producing different labels, hang tags, stickers, to the rest of the world. With more than 19 years of expertise and experience in the industry, MMCL has been gaining trust and appreciation from customers and business partners. MMCL has established a deep relationship among the large corporations and well-known organizations.

As innovative as always, MMCL is now putting its focus on producing the revolutionary variable hang tag products. Please visit the News page to update with us!

Quality and Efficiency are two main core values in MMCL. People choose us because we always think highly of ‘Speed’ and ‘Service’, providing you the best quality products efficiently. Once we receive an order, we will start working on the design and deliver the artwork files for only 4 working days. Once the artwork has been confirmed, we are going to complete the products delivery for only 10 working days. Therefore, the whole ordering process can be as short as 2 weeks only with quality assurance.

In addition, MMCL has been the pioneer in producing the tailor-made variable hang tags with Variable Data Publishing (VDP) technology. Instead of producing bulk of hang tags with exactly the same content, MMCL is able to deliver VDP hang tags that each of them will be unique in size, color, content and even with unique images. Go to VDP Hangtag page for more details.

With sophisticated technology, rich experience, innovative idea and substantial knowledge, MMCL is the best choice of your apparel packaging expert.